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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We Are 25th! Keep Voting!

Challenges that need to be completed tomorrow:

This is the last big one to move us up! At break or lunch come up with something LOUD to do as a group. The thing where athletes get in a circle and sway back and forth yelling "Who are We?" We are The Cougars....We Will Protect This House!, We Will Protect This House! Go Cougars! It doesn't matter what you say but say it LOUD and make it look exciting! One person can be on the outside (DREW McCLUSKEY) Yelling the questions or whatever works. We need it recorded and I need it at 3:10! Thanks guys for all your hard work....You've rocked! -APM

1. Need one video of band playing school song, it does not have to be the entire band.
2. A video/audio slide show uploaded to youtube playing any spirit song.

Cheerleading1. Need any cheer uploaded and it can be from competition or a game. If we don't have a video just do one at break and have it recorded. - Doesn't have to be the entire squad.
2. A cheer where you say PROTECT THIS HOUSE at the end. That's it!

Random Stuff
- Need a picture of the trophy case.
- Find out if any teams were ranked this fall in the state.

Wylly & Morgan will have a digital camera so grab them to record it or use your own.